Patrice Servant

Patrice Servant is a speech writing and public argument specialist. Since the late 1990s, he has written more than 2,000 speeches that have made headlines, both in the political and business worlds. He worked with two prime ministers, many ministers, prominent corporate figures in Quebec as well as leaders of large institutions. Accustomed to dealing with senior decision makers in organizations, he knows how to guide his clients in finding the right words and tone, whether the aim is to mobilize, convince or appease.

He is fluent in public policy, understands business issues and remains on the lookout for major current events. His versatility and experience also make him a sought-after advisor for his analyses and points of view. Patrice believes in ethical communication that respects people and institutions. In this era of great environmental, economic and social challenges, he advocates for benevolent leadership, geared towards progress and inspired by a sense of responsibility.

Patrice is a self-learner. He travelled extensively before becoming a radio reporter. He notably covered the Oka Crisis from start to finish in 1990, and was a special envoy for Radiomutuel in the Middle East during the Gulf War in 1991. It is his proficiency in the written and spoken word on the radio that led him to speech writing.

Patrice Servant

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