Alex’s unique experience in leadership and public affairs roles inspires efficient communications solutions that drive business results.  He has worked with small local organizations as well as global brands including Bombardier and Walmart, building communications strategies and managing crisis.

In addition to energy and manufacturing, Alex is passionate about the environment, food and agriculture and has spent many years working to protect and grow brands with Quebec consumers in particular, and across Canada. He collaborated on the launch of new aircraft programs, corporate restructuring as well as the implementation of controversial business decisions. He also guided companies through public conflicts and crises.  Known for his disciplined and calm nature, he is regularly called on to address complex public conflicts, in both official languages. He understands of the important nuances and details that can derail market growth.

In his public affairs roles, Alex worked for many years with the Quebec government and industry groups on key social issues including product safety, environmental sustainability and improving customer access to products and services.

Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Alex Roberton, Directeur

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