Very level-headed and organized, Camille adjusts quickly to any situation, which makes her a very flexible resource. Attuned to others and with a great sense of teamwork, she knows how to work in unison with her colleagues and clients to really understand their needs. Her determination and curiosity allow her to carry out ably anything she undertakes.

Camille comes to TACT with a background in agency and in customer service. With a keen interest in event communications and press relations, Camille is especially mobilized by social causes. She is also interested in culture and tourism, and enthusiastic at the idea of discovering topics she is less familiar with. Her attention to detail and rigour are especially useful when writing communication tools.

With a Bachelor in Communications – Public relations from UQAM, she first got involved with organizations supporting research in children’s cancers at the age of 10, demonstrating a knack for making presentations about leukemia to business people. She remains an active supporter of the cause.

Camille Rochon, conseillère

514-667-0196 * 423