Whether the assignment involves public affairs, media relations, or issues management, Manon can skillfully combine all the pieces required to devise a comprehensive plan of action. By listening to her clients and clearly understanding their needs, she can design strategies that help them reach their goals.

Boasting some 20 years of experience, she has solid communications expertise in the political, association, and private sectors. She has held a number of leadership positions, where she learned to develop a strategic approach, set priorities during emergencies, and settle difficult situations quickly and tactfully. She works primarily in business communication, mainly in the agrifood industry.

Manon also has a wealth of experience in government and politics thanks to over 10 years of involvement in the federal and provincial political systems.

Her community involvement includes sitting on the board of directors of the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec.

Manon Genest, Associée fondatrice Directrice générale du bureau de Montréal

514-667-0196 * 401