Curious by nature, Marc-André is constantly on the lookout for new PR practices. He knows how to guide his clients with sensitivity and relevance in an increasingly connected world where information and influence sources are multiplying and where data is at the heart of understanding organizations’ issues ecosystem and issues.

Recognized for his analytical and strategic skills, Marc-André has a fine knowledge of the world of digital communications. His experiences in an agency and in a large event organization also led him to develop an arsenal of various skills, including public relations, crisis management and issue management, public affairs, influence marketing, change management, internal communications and product launches.

Marc-André holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Communication from Laval University, where he now give lectures to students on a regular basis. He is also a member of the Observatoire des médias sociaux en relations publiques (OMSRP). He is currently completing a certification in neuro-linguistic programming.

Marc-André Tremblay, conseiller

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