Impassioned by politics since a very young age, Mikaël is a political communication and marketing specialist. Always having his clients’ objectives top of mind, Mikaël stands apart through the impeccability of his work, his meticulousness, and his leadership.

Through his university studies and professional experience, he has acquired solid expertise in analysis and writing. He has collaborated on close to ten scientific publications and papers, and has notably presented the results of his research in Paris and Brussels.

Mikaël holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Université Laval and is currently completing his master’s in public communication at Laval. Extremely involved in his field, he has sat on the executive boards of various associations, including the Université Laval students’ association (AELIÉS), in addition to being president of the postgraduate communication association (ACDC).

Mikaël Guillemette, conseiller principal

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