Bright and dynamic, Paméla makes her clients shine on the public stage, thanks to her creativity and her leadership. She takes mandates to heart and creates solid, lasting bonds with each and everyone of her clients.

Armed with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Paméla is at ease in a highly technical environment, and especially adept at putting it in layman’s terms and making the contents accessible. Over the last few years, Paméla has designed public and government relations strategies requiring a deft touch and a good dose of diplomacy, for international caliber businesses. Her fine analysis of political current events and her ability to grasp the sensitivities of Québec and those of the scientific field are precious tools for her clients.

Very involved in her environment, she has received several awards of excellence, including the Bourse Victorin Germain for her leadership. Thankful for the education she received, she sits on the Board of Fondation du Séminaire des Pères Maristes. Paméla holds a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and a Certificate in Public Communication from Université Laval.