Communication plan

True foundation of any strategy, a game plan drawn up by TACT provides the coherent communication actions necessary to reaching your goals. We prioritize an integrated approach: nothing is left to chance.

Media strategy

The media world evolves at a furious pace. Are you looking to carve out your own niche? Having developed a particular expertise in this very field, TACT can help you create a well suited media strategy custom-made to meet your needs. Our turnkey services range from handling the initial contact with journalists through to coordinating, preparing and accompanying a spokesperson to interviews. The combined networks and knowledge of TACT’s experts guarantee that you communicate with the proper person, in the proper manner and at the proper time.

Positioning strategy

An organization’s image is important, but it can be difficult to position oneself among fairly complex ecosystems. TACT puts all its intelligence along with its ability to grasp and analyze your DNA at your disposable to guide your organization to its optimal positioning.

Content development

Key messages, websites, newsletters, social media content, press releases: these are the fundamental tools required to provide your organization with an effective communication. TACT can assist with or take on the preparation of this valuable material to help you better communicate with your various stakeholders.