TACT’s one-day, hands-on workshops help you better understand the media environment and prepare you to speak with journalists. Our experts have worked as spokespersons, pundits or journalists, and they go far beyond theory to plunge you into their world. You’ll gain valuable experience through simulated interviews and get the tools you need to step up into the spotlight with confidence.

Government relations

What is lobbying and what are its best practices? Who are the key people in the current government? How are decisions made? Whom do you wish to speak to—and how? TACT’s government relations training brings you behind closed doors to where the action is. Simulations with our experts demystify the inner workings of government.

Crisis management

Preparation is key and often makes the difference between a well-managed, shorter crisis and a situation that spins out of control drags on. TACT’s training session includes a simulation and equips your organization to act effectively and appropriately in crisis situations.