Understanding the media environment and developing the tools to speak publicly to the media: these are the key objectives of this one-day training. Beyond the theory, our TACT experts, who have worked or still work as spokespeople, commentators or journalists, will bring the real world to you through enriching simulations and will prepare you to be comfortable in your public speaking endeavours.

Crisis Management

Preparation is key and often makes the difference between a well-managed crisis, contained within a short period of time, and an uncontrolled crisis that drags on. TACT offers training, including a simulation, which will allow your organization to deploy the appropriate actions effectively in case of a crisis.

Government Relations

What is lobbying? What are the rules that govern this practice? Who makes up the current government? How are decisions made? Who should be approached, and more importantly, how? TACT brings you behind the scenes in its government relations training. Our simulations conducted with industry experts will reveal the ins and outs of the government apparatus.

Training and Support

If your team wishes to perfect its digital knowledge, get support to set up new initiatives, clarify certain questions or generate new ideas, the TACT team is here to help you access personalized training or support. Benefit from an outsider’s perspective while developing your expertise internally.

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