Crisis Management

A crisis situation requires several important decisions to be made in a short period of time, in a context of uncertainty and high pressure. TACT masters the art of staying the course through troubled times.


To transform a crisis into an opportunity, it’s essential to communicate in a relevant and human-centred way. Nothing should be left to chance and that’s why planning is so crucial. TACT offers a crisis communication plan which will include an inventory of possible crisis scenarios, communication tools and an effective decision-making structure. The risk of crisis is always present; the important thing is to be ready for it.


Are you going through a crisis or do you feel that the situation is about to get a whole lot worse? TACT can help you take control of the situation in a measured way. In troubled times, your vision must be clear and sharp to avoid pitfalls. Our objective point of view allows us to work on a basis that is not emotional to determine the real extent of the crisis. TACT’s personalized and humanistic approach will allow you to overcome challenges collaboratively in order to minimize any impact on your business plan.

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