Government Relations

Every organization can benefit from clear positioning with decision makers and government. In order to address the right stakeholders, you need intelligence and effectiveness. TACT and its government relations experts will prepare and guide you on how to exercise your influence convincingly.

Influence Strategy

TACT believes that the best way to communicate is first to listen. In this way, our experts will support you in establishing a game plan, achieving your goals, and above all, adapting your message to the needs of your political stakeholders. Whether it be for strategic advice, meetings with key stakeholders, or assistance in parliamentary committees, we offer support through a transparent approach to influence. An approach that facilitates access at all levels and stands out for its concrete results.

Meetings With Public Office Holders

Whether it be ministers and members of their cabinet, elected officials, or senior officials, public office holders are called upon daily to make decisions that can have an impact on your project or organization. TACT can support you and help create relationships with the aim of establishing new communication channels and defending your interests.

Gathering of Intelligence and Information

Your success in government relations depends on your preparation and knowledge of the political environment. TACT is on the lookout for you. The extensive networks of our experts from various political backgrounds, combined with their passion for information, will allow you to keep abreast of important facts at all times. TACT will be your eyes and ears and your best strategist to optimize your actions.

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