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Our Firm

TACT was founded in September 2011 with the idea of redefining strategic consulting for companies and organizations. As an ally, business partner and strategist, TACT has developed a unique humanistic and authentic approach.

Today the largest 100% Quebec-owned agency, TACT has built a name, a timeless approach, an exceptional team, and an impressive network at the root of its success.

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Our Services

Our know-how is multidimensional, a strength that allows us to offer integrated solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Our Values


We want to be an extension of your team; to share the DNA of your organization to understand your business challenges and offer an objective point of view in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

A Tailored Approach

Since “ready-made” solutions don’t work, we consider it essential to offer a tailored approach that builds on a combination of our knowledge and experience.

Knowledge and Skill

We bring new and original ideas and knowledge through our multidisciplinary team that leverages its expertise and skill to deliver a service that will meet your needs.


For us, rigour is the crucial ingredient to success, from the development of a strategy to its detailed and thorough implementation.


Curiosity is what drives the members of our team. It leads us to constantly push the limits of our knowledge, and thus makes us better consultants.

Respect of Budgets

Every dollar counts, so we make sure to optimize the budgetary resources of our clients in order to achieve their goals.


We establish tangible objectives together, build the plan necessary to achieve them and bring together our best assets to generate the expected results.

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