Elyse Vezina

Proactive and rigorous, Elyse is committed to the development and advancement of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. A market access specialist, she is driven by the vital importance of ensuring rapid access to innovations in the sector. Her skills in strategic planning, organizational management, project management and communications help her to do just that.

Elyse has worked with a range of major pharmaceutical companies, including developing product portfolios and managing reimbursement strategies for both the private and public sectors. As a consultant for Certara and JSS Medical Research, she carried out drug development projects for numerous international pharmaceutical companies, gaining valuable experience in this field. She has also demonstrated her ability to prepare submission dossiers for CADTH and INESSS, including the optimization of pharmacoeconomic and budget impact analyses. She has a thorough understanding of the drug reimbursement process in Canada and its key players, including CADTH, INESSS, pCPA, PMPRB and provincial, federal and private decision-makers. Thanks to this knowledge, Elyse has demonstrated her ability to maximize and accelerate drug reimbursement in several therapeutic areas by deploying cross-functional strategies.

Elyse holds bachelor's and master's degrees from the Université de Montréal, where she studied biopharmaceutical sciences and specialized in health economics.

Elyse Vezina

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