Marketing Communication

You want your business to leave a mark on the hearts and minds of consumers. Beyond that, in today’s world, you also want it to bring out emotions, promote a unique experience and help build new relationships. When it comes to content, influence, or brand marketing, TACT is an invaluable strategist in this complex and integrated sector of activity where creativity and rigour go hand in hand.

Positioning and Branding

Positioning reflects the perception of your business on the part of consumers. It’s a powerful pillar of your business plan that allows you to stand out. TACT can help you position your brand with agility and depth by producing a systematic analysis of your business ecosystem and defining the key elements that will set you apart from your competitors. Our experts will target actions in terms of press relations and content marketing that are relevant to achieving your goals.


An event is a strategic tool at the heart of a marketing communication process. It can announce the arrival of a new product, highlight an important achievement, or showcase the brand’s values and involvement in the community. TACT offers a complete event service from conception to realization, or we can help with only parts of the project, depending on your needs.

Relationships With Influencers

TACT believes that the relationship between a brand and an influencer must be based on authenticity. Beyond simple appreciation at first glance, TACT will offer relevant support so you can build strategic and lasting relationships. Our experts target potential influencers, communicate with them and negotiate the development of content in order to maximize your outreach.

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