Charles has an unparalleled analytical mind and a unique profile that combines data analysis expertise and public affairs skills. His expertise in data analysis covers a wide range of advanced techniques that allow him to make the figures speak for themselves and to extract the best intelligence. A remarkably effective popularizer, he knows how to interest all audiences, even in the most complex subjects.

In addition to being a creative analyst, Charles has developed several skills relating to public affairs, such as speechwriting, debate preparation and meeting facilitation. Before joining the TACT team, Charles had the opportunity to collaborate on several major projects, such as Compass - Quebec 2014, and to act as a consultant for various organizations. His interest in popularization and knowledge transfer also led him to become a lecturer at Université de Sherbrooke, where he teaches statistics as well as Canadian and Quebec politics.

Charles holds a PhD in political sciences from Université Laval.

Charles Tessier

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