Mathieu is first and foremost a communications expert who approaches issues in a pragmatic way. He is known for his thoroughness and strategic thinking and has worked at political firms, where he acquired a rich professional background while developing his ability to manage priorities and work under pressure.

His career in politics, consulting and with the Québec Mining Association has helped him develop marked expertise in all aspects of natural resources, and, specifically, in issues related to the mining sector.

As an advisor to ministers and leaders of large organizations in a variety of sectors, Mathieu knows how to find the right words to ensure effective and powerful communication. Strategic consulting, writing, and image and reputation management are all part of his natural skill set. Entrusting Mathieu with a mandate means ensuring suport that is customized, honest, human and based on trust.

Mathieu has bachelor's degrees in Law from the Université de Sherbrooke and in Public Communications from Université Laval.

Mathieu St-Amant

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